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Marin Water

New Irrigation Rules

With reservoir levels at historic lows and drought conditions worsening, Marin Water’s board of directors adopted stricter irrigation restrictions to preserve its water supply. Spray irrigation is limited to one day a week and each community will have a designated watering day.

Severe Drought. Conserve Water.

Marin is facing a severe drought. Please conserve water. Mandatory water use restrictions are in place to help preserve our limited supply. For more information, water-saving tips, rebates and programs, click here.

Get Real-Time Water Use Data with Flume

A Flume flow meter attaches to your existing water meter making DIY installation fast and easy. Through a WiFi connection, Flume gives you information about your water use, potential leaks, and incidences of high water use in real-time. 

Preparing for a PG&E Power Shutoff

Preparing for a PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) by planning ahead and reducing water use during a power outage is key.

COVID-19 Does Not Affect Your Water

Your water is essential. With the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, we want to assure you that your water remains safe to drink and is not affected by the virus.