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Marin Water

Water Use Limits & Associated Penalties Lifted

News Release - Jan. 19 
(Note: Water-use restrictions remain in place, such as swimming-pool filling, home car-washing, and others.)

Lagunitas Creek Spawner Update - January 14

Jan. 14 - Coho spawning activity in the Lagunitas Creek watershed seems to have hit a peak recently, with 72 new redds (gravel nests) observed last week and only 18 this week. We saw all these redds in Lagunitas’ two main tributaries, San Geronimo Creek and Devil’s Gulch.

Emergency Intertie Project

Marin Water has been working with local stakeholders and multiple agencies to augment the district's water supply and lessen the impact of the unprecedented drought and future water shortages.

New Water Use Limits and Penalties

To encourage water conservation, Marin Water established limits on water use for single-family and dedicated irrigation meter customers. The water use limits and penalties will be applied to water use beginning December 1.

The 2022 Corrosion Test Station Rehabilitation Project

Construction Update

Work will soon start on the 2022 Corrosion Test Station Rehabilitation Project, which calls for the installation of 60 magnesium anodes at existing corrosion test sites throughout the District.