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Marin Water

Lagunitas Creek Spawner Update - January 14

Coho spawning activity in the Lagunitas Creek watershed seems to have hit a peak recently, with 72 new redds (gravel nests) observed last week and only 18 this week. We saw all these redds in Lagunitas’ two main tributaries, San Geronimo Creek and Devil’s Gulch.

Lagunitas Creek Spawner Update - December 22

Mid-December is often peak spawning time for Coho Salmon in the Lagunitas Creek watershed, depending on the timing of rain. This month’s frequent (almost unrelenting) rain has given the salmon ample opportunity to migrate upstream and spawn.

Lagunitas Creek Spawner Update - December 15

This is just a quick update for local folks who would like to see large red fish jumping, fighting, digging, laying eggs…all the behaviors that make Coho Salmon so charismatic. The time is now! My colleagues and I were just out at the Leo T.

Lagunitas Creek Spawner Update - December 10

The last few weeks have been quite dry and so far very few salmon have spawned in the Lagunitas Creek watershed. To date we’ve seen nine Coho Salmon redds, seven Chinook redds, and three redds likely built by Pink Salmon.

Update on Recent Rains, Water Supply, and the Drought

Jan. 6

During the month of December, Marin Water recorded a total of 24.86 inches of rain at Lake Lagunitas helping to boost water storage levels. In this update, we explain what that means for our water supply, current water-use limits, and the drought.

Lagunitas Creek Spawner Update - November 19

The start of the 2021-22 spawner season has been wild and unprecedented in many ways. October’s atmospheric river dropped nearly 18 inches of rain and raised flows in Lagunitas Creek to 3,700 cubic feet per second – both records for October.