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Fish monitoring reports now available from Marin Water's fisheries team

A creek surrounded by trees

Nov. 8, 2023

Creek Notes: Fish Monitoring Reports Now Available

Greetings! Eric Ettlinger from Marin Water's fisheries team here with a couple updates for those interested in our work on Lagunitas Creek.

In our last Creek Notes update, we celebrated this year’s extraordinary class of coho salmon as a record 50,000 smolts left Lagunitas Creek, which was 270% above average. For those of you that love charts as much as I do, the official monitoring reports for the 2022-23 salmonids are now available on our website. Dive into the details to compare how each species fared and stay tuned to see if 2024 becomes another year for the record books.

In other good news, we are excited to share that Marin Water has been awarded a $4.6M grant by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, providing funds to implement the Lagunitas Creek Coho Enhancement Project and hire a Natural Resources Technician to support this work. We are thrilled to receive the full amount requested in our grant application, which will significantly support our efforts to create favorable spawning and rearing habitat and enhance the overall ecological health of the watershed. Get the full details about the grant award and project in our recent news release.

-Eric Ettlinger
 Aquatic Ecologist