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Read the District's Five-Year Strategic Plan, 2024-28

Marin Water 5-Year Strategic Plan cover and 3 open pages of the plan booklet


Mar. 1, 2024

The Marin Water Board of Directors recently approved the District’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, outlining the organizational goals and objectives the District intends to accomplish over the next five years, 2024-2028. 

Meant to guide the work of all District departments and staff, Marin Water’s strategic plan has five key goal areas:  

  1. Reliable Water Supply  

  2. Resilient Water System  

  3. Watershed Stewardship  

  4. Fiscal Responsibility  

  5. Organizational Excellence


Under each goal, there are five-year objectives, each with associated action items that the District will work to achieve by 2028. These goals and objectives also include 113 actions that represent the best understanding today of the actions needed to advance the goals and objectives. 


The District expects that new information will be learned as actions are implemented and conditions and circumstances will change and evolve throughout this time. Therefore, the Board of Directors and staff will apply an adaptive management approach for reporting progress and adjusting action plans in order to advance the goals of the Strategic Plan. Planning, managing, and reporting for each goal will be accomplished through annual work plans. 

Read Marin Water's Five-Year Strategic Plan.