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Watershed Recreation Management Planning Feasibility Study approved

A black and white background image features a tree-lined reservoir. Superimposed is the cover of a study labeled "Recreation Management Feasibility Study."

April 25, 2024

The Marin Water Board of Directors in April approved the Watershed Recreation Management Planning Feasibility Study, a guiding document that informs multi-benefit outcomes that can be advanced to help protect the unique goals of different Mount Tamalpais Watershed visitors and the biodiversity of the District's lands. 

This Feasibility Study was developed through a robust public engagement process, including workshops, meetings, visitor surveys, literature reviews, site visits and data analysis, and will be an important part of Marin Water's ongoing adaptive management of the Mt. Tam Watershed — where the District sources the majority of its water. The overall planning effort incorporated community feedback and lessons from other water districts, parks and open spaces beyond the District's watershed boundaries.

Mt. Tamalpais and its adjacent watersheds support a rich array of plants and animals, panoramic vistas, and recreational opportunities that are treasured by residents and visitors alike. Marin Water began stewarding the 22,000 acres of watershed lands over 100 years ago, with a mission to provide the community with “reliable, high-quality water” and to sustainably manage the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed to protect water quality and biodiversity. 

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