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Weekly Watering Schedule

Drought is Here: It's Time to Conserve 

As we enter the summer irrigation season, our reservoir levels are at historic lows. It is up to each of us to use water as carefully as possible to preserve our limited water supply.

The biggest water savings can be found outdoors. We are asking all of our customers to turn off or, at least, significantly reduce irrigation by applying the minimum amount of water to maintain plant health.

The irrigation run times in the Weekly Watering Schedule have been reduced by 20 to 30 percent for drought conditions. Irrigating at this level should be sufficient to maintain plant health.

About the Weekly Watering Schedule

The format of the Weekly Watering Schedule has also been updated to provide run times for a wider range of plants and irrigation system types. The new format also aligns to climate zones. To use the Weekly Watering Schedule:

  1. Select your plant type from the first column.
  2. Select your irrigation type from the second column.
  3. Look up the run times for the climate zone where you're located. 
  4. The weekly run time is often split into multiple, shorter run times to help reduce runoff. Allow 30 to 60 minutes between run times to allow water to soak into the soil. 
  5. The run times provided are based on irrigating one day per week

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For week of April 9-15, 2021
Watering Index 78%

Reference evapotranspiration (ETo)

1.16 inches

Inland/Upland Zones

Sunset Zones 15 & 16

Coastal Zones

Sunset Zone 17

Plant Water Use Irrigation Type Run Time Minutes Cycles Per Day Total Weekly Run Time Run Time Minutes Cycles Per Day Total Weekly Run Time
Low Drip Emitters 15 2 30 11 2 22
  Inline Drip 15 1 15 10 1 10
  Micro Spray 5 2 10 7 1 7
Moderate Drip Emitters 20 3 60 14 3 42
  Inline Drip 15 2 30 11 2 22
  Micro Spray 7 3 21 7 2 14
High (Lawn) Multi-stream 17 5 85 20 3 60
  Rotor 14 4 56 13 3 39
  Fixed Spray 8 5 40 7 4 28