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Granada Drive Pipeline Replacement Project

Project Update (April 18, 2023)

Marin Water has been in communication with the Town of Corte Madera Public Works Department to coordinate the pipeline replacement project with the Town’s Road Resurfacing Project in the same area. The Town will be postponing its road resurfacing work on the roads included in our water main replacement project until after the water mains have been replaced. Marin Water anticipates starting pipeline construction during this upcoming winter season and completing work by the summer of 2024. New water mains will be installed on Estrada Lane, Paloma Drive, Granada Drive, El Camino Drive, Sonora Way and Vista Court. For more information, read Marin Water’s April 2023 Neighborhood Notification Letter for this project. 

Project Granada Drive Pipeline Replacement Project
Program A1A02A Replacements - Distribution Pipelines
Project Number D23020
Contact Dion Mokhtari | 
Map of pipe location along various streets in Corte Madera
A crosswalk across a street alongside a house

Project Description 

Installation of approximately 7,200 ft. of 12-inch, 6-inch, and 4-inch welded steel piping in various streets in the Town of Corte Madera to replace old leak prone pipe installed as early at 1956 in support of the Districts commitment improve the integrity of the water system for reliable conveyance of water to the local residents. This project is in coordination with the Town of Corte Madera’s resurfacing project. 


This project will install seismically resilient pipe and will increase the integrity of the water distribution system. 

Schedule and Status

Design: Spring 2023 - Winter 2023/24

Construction: Winter 2023/24 - Summer 2024

Expenditure Schedule

FY 23
FY 24

Funding Sources 

Capital Maintenance Fund 
Fire Flow Improvement Program Fund